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As you can see, I updated the sidebar with a new widget (thanks to CodePotent for developing it! And by the way, I linked his ClassicPress dedicated repo so you can find all his ClasscPress plugins. This site currently is equipped with Registration Honeypot, WYSIWYG Advanced, Discourse Stats Widget, and Username Protection). It’s a way to show you my involvement in ClassicPress community and to remind myself how far I have gone in engaging with the community.

Placing this widget where everybody could see it prompted me to look back at my journey during this last year, and I want to share a valuable lesson I have learned in the process with you all.

About one year or so ago, I started to take classes on SoloLearn Android app and passed HTML and CSS courses. These are very basic courses allowing people to have a basic general understanding in order to start practicing. In the same period, I started to design this blog, after a very dark moment of my life I decided it was time to come back online. About six months ago after taking in a little gig on Fivesquid, I was able to host it on Aruba. Meanwhile, I started the PHP course and found it a bit more challenging than the first two I went through.

CSS Certificate - SoloLearn
CSS Certificate – SoloLearn
HTML Certificate - SoloLearn
HTML Certificate – SoloLearn

About September 2018 I discovered ClassicPress, given I was not satisfied with the direction WordPress was heading towards I decided to switch my production site even if it was still in alpha. I had no problems at all, immediately noticed an increased site speed and performance and was very satisfied with it.

In addition to supporting ClassicPress by installing it, I started to actively engage with the community on slack and forums. I am not an expert coder but I immediately volunteered to localize it in my language, gave my opinions on things I was able to understand, and helped spread the world. In the process, I got in touch with wonderful people who were happy to answer my questions about coding and helped me grow and learn. You can read about some of them on ClassicPress Blog, under the “Meet the Community” series.

All of this resulted in me enrolling in Free Code Camp some days ago (started today! Yay!) and finally completing the PHP basic course on SoloLearn (yay!) after months of study.

PHP Certificate - SoloLearn
PHP Certificate – SoloLearn

While at it I also found a WordPress plugin I wanted to change and started studying its files… maybe at my present stage, it’s a too big project, but I am learning and one day I will have the skills to complete this.

What I have learned is:


My next steps? Succeeding on Free Code Camp and creating a stunning portfolio out of it. Study JavaScript basics on SoloLearn, continue to engage on ClassicPress Community and obviously grow this blog.

This is all for now… From time to time I will update you about my journey on this blog and on my social media…. stay tuned!


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