April Fools’ – “serious” thoughts about this blog.

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Hi there, that is not a joke, after so much procrastination I am really starting my blog on April Fools’.

Some serious thoughts about me finally deciding to start it for real:

– I am no writer.
Just write anyway. Answer the question you had in the past for those who happen to have them now.

– What if I run out of ideas?
What if you have too many ideas, to begin with? Select carefully.

– What if I’m boring?
People will stop reading, you’ll notice that from stats. In the end, you will get better over time and you will get to know the ones who decided to stick around better.

– What if I lose consistency?
Persevere. start small. Never let a day pass without moving the waters a little. You don’t need to shake the world every time, just a little wave is enough.

These are the thoughts wandering through my mind. Even if I have the answers, even if I know how to manage a blog’s workflow from design to publishing, even if I know I am ready to put my two pennies out there, I am scared.

There are a lot of challenges I decided to face through this blog: I want to learn PHP, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript better. I want to be able to code plugins and themes. I want to tell the story of these challenges to help others succeed.

Today I have started this blog for real, and you? Have you started something scary? Let’s just talk about it in the comments!


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